We have several ministry teams that you can join!  We always are looking for new folks to help them utilize their gifts for the kingdom.  Below you will find team names, and a brief description of each ministry.  Take a look and if you don’t find something that fits your interests or gifts let us know…we may be able to create something new!!!  If your interested in helping out feel free to let us know either in person or by utilizing the contact form below.  Please let us know what ministry you are interested in helping with in the Message section.

Facilities Team – The Facilities Team works on maintaining and enhancing our building and grounds.  We have a very nice facility and we hope to keep it that way – to the honor of God.  Churches aren’t buildings – they are people, but God has blessed us with a beautiful place to meet and fellowship and break bread together.  If you have maintenance skills, construction skills, lawn and gardening skills, landscaping skills, plumbing skills, electrical skills, or technical skills this team is for you!

Worship Team – The worship team is made up of folks with musical talents and gifts that God has given.  If you have an instrumental or vocal gift that you would like to share with our congregation, this team may be for you.  All levels of skill welcomed as long as you have a teachable heart and spirit!  

Fellowship Team – The Fellowship Team is just what it sounds like…a group of folks that plan and put on events to give us opportunities to have fellowship together.  Everything from church-wide dinners to family fun events, our fellowship team brings us together for good food, good friends, and good times.  If you are a social person, if you like to have a good time, or if you have a creative streak, this team might be for you!

Food Pantry Team – The Food Pantry team facilitates and runs our weekly food pantry.  Everything from canned goods to perishables like bread and meat are handed out on Sundays.  If you have social skills, a heart for people in need, a strong service and work ethic, or if you like to work with food, this may be the ministry team for you!

Prayer Team – The Prayer team is a group of folks who work to bring passion to our communicating with God, both on individual levels, and also as a congregation.  They assist with prayer times in worship service and plan and carry out special prayer times throughout the course of the year.  We are working at Emmanuel Assembly to make this place a house of prayer.  If you have a passionate prayer life, are a prayer warrior, or would like to become one this is the team for you!

Tech Team – The Tech Team is a group of folks who work behind the scenes to make us look and sound good during our worship services, and also to manage and maintain our technical equipment throughout the building.  This team runs sound, lights, and video for our worship services.  If you are interested in technical things, like working with computers, or audio visual equipment this may be the team for you.

Media Team – The Media Team is also a new team being formed at Emmanuel Assembly. This team will be working with and managing our social media accounts, our website, our mobile apps, our video production, and our photography and graphic design elements.  If you have an artistic eye, love to create and design, have computer skills, and prefer to be behind or in front of the camera…this team is for you!

Church Cleaning Team – Do you have a nack for making sure everything is spotless and always in the correct spot?  If that’s you please join us.

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